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More affordable options

  A recent study conducted by VoucherCloud, an online coupon site, revealed that a little more than half of the 1,921 women polled said they’d no longer buy counterfeits. The reasoning behind this? Designers are making items more affordable. With designers like Isabel Marant for H&M and Phillip Lim and Peter Pilloto for Target, the […]

The rise of counterfeit goods in the UK

  The surge in purchasing fake goods continues to skyrocket in several places around the world, most notably, the UK. According to PwC, British adults are coming clean about the amount of counterfeit goods they are purchasing. Frighteningly, the consumers are also confessing to buying their fair share of counterfeit alcohol and medicines, both containing […]

Hermes bust

  As one of the most sought after bags by the upperclass elite, Hermes purses can be found for tens of thousands of dollars which makes them a go-to for counterfeiters to produce knock off versions of the real deal. (An authentic¬†Hermes handbag) The smuggling of 16,000 counterfeit Hermes bags from China and Hong Kong […]

$80 MM in forged art

The New York Times published a piece on Monday about an art dealer from Long Island that successfully (up until this past May) deceived experts and buyers alike with paintings that were created in a house in Queens. (Jackson Pollock was one of many modernist painters whose art was forged by Qian and sold as […]

Polymer banknotes to combat counterfeiters

In 1996, Australia was the first to switch to all-polymer currency. Within the past 17 years, six countries have caught on to the extremely impactful and effective banknote and now, the Bank of England has caught on to the durable and better protected alternative. (Samples of the polymer notes. Source: Pool/Getty Images) The plastic currency […]

LAX Rolex

If the 215 Rolex, Cartier, Omega and Louis Vuitton watches that customs seized at LAX last week were authentic, they would have totaled a whopping $1.2 million. Instead, the counterfeit watches cost about $1.24 each. The shipment that arrived from China last Tuesday was 68 pounds and was labeled “watches.” The value that was declared […]

Kiosk counterfeits

Don’t be swayed by the misconception that counterfeit products can only be found being peddled on the streets or online, some can even be at your local mall. Two stores at Anne Arundel County mall in Maryland were raided last week and the police were able to find exactly what they were looking for: hundreds […]

Beware: (barking) Lion at Chinese zoo

Okay, barking lions don’t exist but just this month a zoo in China attempted to pass off a Tibetan Mastiff dog as an African lion. A woman visiting the zoo with her son informed the Beijing Youth Daily of the fake lion after visiting the “African lion”cage and instead found a barking (and extremely furry) […]

Beware buying from China

The 50% off deals may be tempting and the pictures portray the same details but when you buy online, nothing is guaranteed. Internetretailer.com published an article earlier this month explaining the cause and effects of buying “direct from China.” When buyers see that they can buy the “same” designer dress for half the price online, […]

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